Website for a Kidney Doctor

Designing a website for a leading nephrologist & kidney specialist to raise awareness about kidney health.


Dr. Manoj is one of India's top nephrologists & renal specialists. His team is based in Max Healthcare Noida and has been treating patients from various parts of the globe for kidney problems. They offer best-in-class treatments as well as diet and psychological counselling.

Expectations from the Website

Scope of Work

The broad scope of this project is

  • To understand all the features that the team wishes to be displayed on the website

  • To research about the doctor and know more about designing a healthcare website

  • To create a design language for the website which resonates with the doctor

  • To design all required pages of the website with a working prototype


I revisited the team's brief to get some insights. I browsed through various profiles of the doctor on healthcare platforms and glanced through the stories and testimonials by patients on these platforms.

I browsed for websites of various doctors and specialists in the healthcare and mental health sectors and found interesting trends from these websites.

Initial Designs

This was clear that the home page will be the main attraction that shall display the doctor's persona front and centre, and there will definitely be blog posts and patient testimonials. I created a single page low fidelity design to get an idea of how the home page could look.

Style Guide

A simple, light, and elegant theme that makes the patients feel at home as well as resonates with the doctor's identity.

The Design Process

Landing Page

  • Displayed the doctor's personality front and centre

  • Mentioned the doctor's vision and commitment

  • Talked about the achievements & accolades of the doctor

Home Page

  • Shared links to articles and blog-posts on kidney health

  • Had quick links to commonly browsed categories

  • Showed brief snippets of patient testimonials or stories

About Page

  • Shared links to articles and blog-posts on kidney health

  • Had quick links to commonly browsed categories

  • Showed brief snippets of patient testimonials or stories

Blog Page

  • Presented articles on nephrology and kidney health

  • Provided thumbnails, titles, and descriptions for the user to get a quick look at the article

  • Had a scrollable interface to browse through all the articles

Stories Page

  • Shared original reviews by patients as well as collated testimonials for the doctor from other healthcare portals

  • Supported text as well as video testimonials

FAQs Page

  • Was a one-stop page for all patient doubts & questions

  • Covered a plethora of questions without taking up a lot of space

  • Provided clear step-by-step answers to the frequently asked questions

Contact Page

  • Should feature an interface to easily book appointments

  • Share connection methods to the doctor like Phone, WhatsApp, & Social Media

  • Support a navigation guide to the doctor's practice in Noida

Final Prototype

Before presenting the website design to the team, I used the power of interactions in Figma to create a full-blown working prototype of the website. I added interactions to the menu elements and added ease in and out animation for the landing page to home page transition.


This project was filled with learning because it was my first freelance project in website design.

Key Learnings

  • Creation of a particular identity using the theme and tone of the website

  • An exposure to designing in the healthcare sector

  • Using design to serve complex topics like renal health and nephrology to the public


  • Keeping multiple options in the design process and giving choices to the clients is a good practice

  • A picture should be clear in the mind of what one is trying to bring on the screen via design

  • Most design hurdles become easier by discussions and iterations

And it's a wrap!

This was an insightful project to work on, especially because the website was an initiative in sharing knowledge & awareness about healthcare.

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