Case Study: Social features in CRED Store

This case study describes my design journey in designing a new feature for the CRED app. It was a personal project.


Mobile App Design


1 Week


UI Designer


Problem Statement

Design features in CRED that allows users & influencers to share their favourite Store products.

I started off with some initial research on CRED & its target users which could help me learn more about the app and dig deeper into the problem.

About the App

CRED is a credit card management app which allows users to pay credit card bills and earn rewards.

CRED's Target Users

CRED is a not-really-for-everyone app which targets the top 1% of the population who hold a credit card. The users can list all their credit cards in this app and pay their bills before the due date.

Research on CRED Store

CRED hosts various D2C (Direct-2-consumer) brands in the app's e-commerce section - CRED 'Store'. Users can browse & order their favourite brands from the app—be it headphones, footwear, fashion, or coffee.

On navigating to the Store section of the CRED app, a user can browse through a variety of D2C products and add them to their cart. They can utilise the cashbacks and reward points they have earned from credit card payments to get discounts on the Store products.

CRED promotes Indian D2C brands and has been actively running sales in which it hosts the brands on its Store platform with zero platform fees. It helps the brands to save on commissions, reduce prices, and attract more customers. It also helps the customers as they get better deals and visibility to Indian D2C brands.

Here is tweet by CRED's founder Kunal Shah tweet on introducing the Zero commission store on Republic Day.

I decided to list down ways in which social activities can be introduced to implement this product vision.

Ideating on Social Activities

For users to be able to interact with each other and share products, an interface or platform should be designed within the app. I ideated a lot of potential features through which engagement on the Store products can be increased via social activities:

📄 Creating lists of products

🔍 Searching for friends, influencers, or product lists

👥 Sharing lists with contacts on the app itself

📱 Sharing a product list to other social media apps

🕺 Following favourite influencers & their lists

🌟 Adding reviews, ratings, and comments to products on Store

💬 Sending & receiving messages to phone contacts

💸 Transacting money to contacts via UPI

The number of credit card holders in the country are limited and those who use CRED is a sub-set of them. The users who actively browse the CRED store and buy products is a further smaller section. Ratings & reviews on websites like Amazon & Flipkart are useful only because they have a user base of millions of customers who regularly buy products on their platforms.

I thought of creating user personas to better understand the potential use cases ideated above.

User Personas

I created two different user personas with different aspirations & challenges. It enabled me to put myself into their shoes and ideate the best possible design solution for their pain points.

User 01 : Arvind



Pain Points

User 02 : Samantha



Pain Points

Finalizing the features


  • Saving favourite products in a list

  • Sharing the list with friends or posting it

  • Sharing the list on social media


  • Searching for friends & influencers

  • Searching for friends on CRED via phone contacts

  • Browsing through the top lists & trending products


  • Following a profile on CRED

  • Sending them a message

  • Viewing the lists they have created or liked


  • Texting to phone contacts

  • Sharing product lists

  • Transacting money via UPI

Creating Lists




And it's a wrap!

This was an exciting project to work on, especially because I have always been a fan of CRED's design.

Do message me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you want to discuss further. 😄

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