About Me

I am a self-taught product designer who likes to craft simple and useful digital experiences for people.



12th Board results

First sem meme page - Picsart

SNTC logo in December - Gopal

Second sem first month - Photoshop learning

Second sem second month - Photoshop teaching

KY & Technex - Days to go

1st summer - Secure Intern Corel Draw

Typoday Font 

Technex Design Head

Mykaarma internship hackathon. Meeting. UI Design Concept.

Inter IIT Design Events.

Logo Designs over the years

1.5 years as frontend developer. Case study.

Freelancing as website designer

I was the go-to guy for logo designs of student groups at IIT (BHU) Varanasi. I headed the technical fest’s design & content team. I also represented the college in Inter-IIT Design events. I have freelanced as a website designer. Creating user interfaces is something I really enjoy and am a font-fanatic. After an experience of 17 months in software development, I am now all into the world of UI & UX as design is my passion - my ikigai.